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STBA Executive

Image by Bianca Ackermann
Image by Bianca Ackermann

Ross Gordon

Peter Norris

Keith Wooldridge


        Vice President


Ross Gordon – President
Bachelor of Agricultural Management

Governance roles – Ross has extensive experience in corporate and not-for- profit bodies in roles from secretary through to board chairman. Ross has
served as an executive member, vice-president and president of the STBA and as the STBA representative to the executive of the TBA.

Ross began catching bees in cardboard boxes in junior school and kept bees recreationally throughout his teens. He has been keeping bees commercially in Tasmania since 2012 and currently runs about 300 hives. Ross’ aspirations for the STBA are to create a genuinely inclusive and welcoming organization that serves its members, promotes the aspirations of all beekeepers and raises awareness of the plight of honeybees.

Image by Bianca Ackermann
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Image by Bianca Ackermann


Roger Walker

Cathy Maloney

Membership Officer

Tess Kingston

Executive member

I am new to beekeeping, managing bees together with my partner, on our small blueberry farm at Old Beach.

Off-farm, I am a speech pathologist, working with children and young adults around Hobart - a job that I have loved doing for 28 years.

In the odd moments that I have some spare time, I enjoy reading, cooking, working on my bee garden, sketching, jigsaws and time with my grandson.

Image by Bianca Ackermann

Jenni McLeod

Executive member

Ash Newman

Bob Newton

Executive member

Executive member

Bob is a retired GP and is interested in queen rearing.


Bob volunteers with Biosecurity Tasmania to manage the Guardian Hives and is a regular Local Area Network presenter as well as assisting to deliver STBA courses.


Grad Dip Outdoor Ed

B Soc. Sci.


Jenni started beekeeping in Tasmania's SW over 20 years ago.

A community builder, Jenni is passionate about unlocking capacity and has spent decades working with marginalised communities developing strategies and programs to make the invisible, visible.  This has included initiating book projects with children, and in 2023 she led out two Beekeeping World Records reaching 27 countries. Jenni currently has a beekeeping book in publication. 


With 10 years experience working as an on ground political staffer and as a Board Director with AusCycling, Jenni brings a strong governance focus to her professional life.

Image by Bianca Ackermann

Peter Ridler

Executive member

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