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The STBA supports and educates beekeepers, members and the general public to become  bee custodians.  We do this by connecting with our members and the general public in a variety of ways, including swarm collection, newsletters, Local Area Networks and regular field days.

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Swarm and Bee Nest Collection

The STBA has a list of beekeepers who can collect swarms and/or bee nests.  Please be aware some beekeepers charge for this service.


Information for Beekeepers

There is a lot to learn in beekeeping.  We have provided some links that will help answer some of your questions and take you to the places you need to become familiar with.

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Local Area Networks

The Local Area Networks (LANs) are member run beekeeping groups situated throughout Southern Tasmania.  Each network has a coordinator and provides opportunities for members to learn practical beekeeping skills together.

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Field Day

The STBA runs an annual field day to educate members and the general public about beekeeping.  We cover all aspects of bee custodianship and management and connect people with expertise from within the organisation.

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