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Swarm Collection

If you have a swarm or nest of honey bees that needs collecting, please contact one of the following beekeepers:

Note 1.  Karla Williams, State Apiary Officer, has asked that anyone collecting a swarm from within 2km of the Hobart port, keep a cupful of bees for her to test for pest incursion, and contact her.

Note 2. We are now distinguishing between SWARMS of bees, in the open air, and NESTS of bees, where a colony of bees has taken up residence in a closed space (e.g. wall cavity, eaves, compost bin, chimney, bird nesting box, tree …) These two need different collection methods, nests generally being the more difficult, hence we have separate lists of beekeepers who can collect them.

Note 3.  Please advise the Secretary if at any stage you have collected enough swarms and no longer wish to be on the list

SWARMS – by area:

(2018/19 swarming season over – there will be a new list developed in Spring 2019)

Collectors of Bee Nests – i.e. in enclosed places such as wall cavities, chimneys, compost bins, …
Bob Davey 0447 014 601 N. Suburbs
Mark Dunn 0427 981 517 Kingborough, Sandfly, Leslie Vale
Tom Turbett 0400 544 310 Huon Valley, Kingborough, Channel
Rob Barker 0459 393 695 E. Coast, E. Shore, Hobart, N. Suburbs, Taroona
Susanne Boughton 0438 386 430 Fingal Valley, Bicheno to St Helens
Andrew Edwards 0439 403 536 E.Shore
Erik Hayward 03 6229 9245 Within 40 minutes of CBD

Members who would like (a) their name added to this list, (b) their details changed, or (c) their name removed from the list, please contact the Secretary.