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Swarm and Bee Nest Collection

Bee swarms are a seasonal and naturally occurring reproductive phase for bees.  Bees will usually swarm close to their original hive site, hanging in a clump or a cluster while scout bees from the swarm look for a new place to live.  The sooner you contact a beekeeper when seeing a swarm the better chance we have of capturing them. 

Bee nests are places bees have found to live after they have swarmed.  Bee nests can be found in hollow trees, chimneys, walls of buildings, or in the roof or floor.  Bee nest removal can be time consuming and requires specialist equipment.


Swarm Collection

Phone Number
Suburbs Serviced
Robert Wansbrough
0419 312 051
Eastern Shore (South Arm, Sorell to Hobart)
Charlie Connor
0438 596 379
Lenah Valley, Northern Hobart suburbs, Hobart areas
Peter Ridler
0408 204 140
Hobart area, Eastern Shore (Acton, Sorell, Campania, Tranmere to Bridgewater)
Ashley Dales                                    
0409 129 975
Hobart, Kingborough
Joyce Reed                                       
0418 176 429
Channel - Kingston to Hobart
Neil Mickleborough                         
0459 252 233
Hobart, Sorell, Cambridge and Tasman Peninsula
John Adams                                   
0427 278 151 
South Hobart, Fern Tree and Bellervie
Rob Barker                                         
0459 393 695
Orford, Triabunna, Swansea, Coles Bay Bicheno
Max Lewis                                          
0448 958 943
Lenah Valley, New Town, Moonah
Narelle Webber                                 
0409 808 678
West Hobart
Lori Lakos                                       
0413 090 120 
New Norfolk, Derwent Valley
Jenni McLeod
0448 515 867
Eastern Shore (South Arm, Sorell to Hobart)
Dan Evans                                          
0447 298 199
Hobart, Kingsborough, Upper Derwent
Craig Holmes                                
0416 020 003 
Within an hour or so of Hobart
Bob Newton
0427 240 084
Dodges Ferry, Lewisham and Carlton

Bee Nest Collection

Adam Mooneyu
0417 559 71
Greater Hobart
Tom Turbett
0400 544 310
Huon Valley, Kingborough, Channel
Rob Barker
0459 393 695
East coast, Eastern shore, Hobart, Northern suburbs, Taroona
Mark Dunn
0427 981 517
Kingborough, Sand Fly, Leslie Vale
Kerry Churchill
0417 324 985
Forcett, Sorell, Dodges Ferry
Erik Hayward
6229 9245
Within 40 minutes of Hobart CBD
Claire Martindell
0437 651 171 
Hobart area, Eastern shore, Acton, Sorell
Brad Try
0423 627 668
South Arm, Sorell
Andrew Edwards
0439 403 536
Eastern shore
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