Sharing information & ideas for interested beekeepers in Southern Tasmania.

Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association Inc.

The Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association Incorporated is a forum for back-yard and commercial beekeepers alike in Southern Tasmania. Membership conveys great benefits through sharing ideas and information. We also conduct a range of activities for the benefit of southern beekeepers.

Fire Impacts

Bushfires this season are having a devastating effect on bees and beekeeping in southern Tasmania. In the Gell River fire, the fires along the Scotts Peak Road, and especially the extensive area burnt in the Arve, there has been a loss of hives, damage to access roads, and particularly a serious loss of foraging resource for bees. The main impact is on leatherwood, compounding the effect of a minimal leatherwood harvest this season.
At the time of writing, the fires are not fully extinguished, with hotspots in many places on the perimeter of burnt areas.
There has been a meeting between some senior beekeepers and Minister Guy Barnett to appraise him of the seriousness of these impacts. In late March, by which time it is hoped all the fires will be out and access to all apiary sites restored, there will be a TBA meeting to review the damage, and discuss how to move forward.
Members can start to input into this review by attending the SBA meeting on 25th February, when the fires will be discussed.

Junior Beekeeping

A Tasmanian Junior Beekeeping Group was established in 2017.  It didn’t take long for it to start thriving, thanks to energetic volunteers – they have even harvested honey from their hives.   The group generally meets near Richmond, and welcomes 7 to 17 year olds who are curious about the delights of bees and beekeeping.… Continue Reading

QLD beekeepers use satellite tracking for security

Along with the weather, the threat of pesticides and vandals, hive theft is yet another challenge beekeepers face. Central Queensland commercial beekeeper Paul Marsh, who is frustrated with thieves, has resorted to modern technology to arrest the problem. “The first time hives got stolen it was pretty emotional and the last few I just got… Continue Reading

Review of Nationally Accredited Bee Keeping Qualifications

A review of the Nationally Accredited Certificate III in Bee Keeping qualification is being undertaken on behalf of the Agriculture and Production Horticulture Industry Reference Committee. As part of this work Face-to-Face Consultation Workshops are being held across Australia. You can register for these workshops on our website (link below).    or find out… Continue Reading