The Association

The Southern Beekeepers Association has the following Executive:

Southern BeekeepersMr Ross Gordon, President

Peter Norris, Vice President
Keith Wooldridge, Treasurer
Jenny Newton, Secretary
Cathryn Maloney, Membership Officer
Anita Long, Committee member
Bob Newton, Committee member
Ashby Newman, Committee member

Jenni McLeod, Committee member

Alan Baker, Committee member




Other Roles:

  • Cathryn Maloney is the Association’s Membership Officer.
  • Andrew Edwards is the Association’s Webmaster.
  • Rosemary Hochman is the Coordinator of the Association’s presence at various Shows in southern Tasmania.
  • Coordinators of the Association’s Apiary Sites:  Gary Weiley for the three sites in the Huon/Esperance area; ph. 0488 001 952
  •                                                                             Ward Hartman for the site off the Gordon Road. ph.0488 991 248
  • Chairman of the Hive Site Allocation Committee:  Ross Gordon

The Association has a membership of about 300 beekeepers.

Meetings of the Association are held monthly (the last Wednesday of the month) at the Glenorchy Linc, 4 Terry Street, Glenorchy, Room 1 at 6.30pm with an attendance averaging about 45.  For more details, see the ‘News’ tab.

We also have a comprehensive library of publications, a selection is brought to every meeting by the librarian, Mike Bazan, please speak to him if you would like a book brought to the next meeting.

As a guiding principle, the Association celebrates and embraces the diversity of opinion that typifies the beekeeping community.

A Field Day is held on a Sunday in early November – all welcome.

Local Area Networks
The local networks run throughout the year, meeting for sharing practices, mentoring and discussion. Six Local Area Networks are operating. If you would like to join one of these groups please contact the LAN Coordinator for your area and they will help organise meetings.
# Clarence Network Coordinator Jenni McLeod 0448 515 867
# Grass Tree Hill Network Coordinator: Ashby Newman 0438 78 1245
# Tasman Peninsula Network Coordinator: Chris Wilkie 0447794865

#Southern Beaches: Jeff Lee 0418 986 444

#Kingston Blackmans Bay  Ashley Dales 0409 129 975

#Derwent Valley – vacant


Some of the key benefits of becoming a member of the Association include:

  • access to education for the novice and advanced beekeeper;
  • networking & social opportunities;
  • advocacy for the craft and industry of beekeeping;
  • access to, and support of research and development relevant to the industry;
  • improving infrastructure important to beekeepers;
  • representation of southern beekeepers’ interests to Government.

The Association also lobbies on behalf of the beekeeping industry as a whole, especially for the preservation of critical floral resources.


The Association holds beekeeping training courses each year – usually from August to November.  Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.

For details of the intermediate and advanced training please ask the Training Coordinator via the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

Southern Tasmania Bee Hotline
Ever opened up your hive and been a little worried that something is not quite right?  Below is a list of experienced beekeepers, for those crucial times when you need some advice over the phone, after discovering something unusual happening in your hive.  The following members have kindly volunteered to participate in the ‘Southern Tasmanian Bee Hotline’:

Peter Norris     6278 9007                  Ross Gordon    0414 103 809
Laurie Cowen    6248 5315                Ashby Newman  0438 781 245
Peter Brown    6268 5282                  Anita Long     0417 032 156

Useful Beekeeping Advice and Mentoring
The following beekeepers are less experienced but can give useful advice on less tricky issues, and – if you are a beginner and ask them nicely – may be able to act as your ‘buddy’ as you start your beekeeping journey.