Basic Beekeeping Course 2022



Basic Beekeeping Course 2022

2022 Course will commence on  6th September


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The Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association will run a Beginners Beekeeping Course – starting on 6th September 2022.

6 Evening & 2 Day Sessions

    • Equipment – Traditional & Modern.
    • Natural History of the Honeybee.
    • Hive Construction (Practical Session.).
    • Beekeeping – The annual cycle of work in the Apiary:
      • Setting up an Apiary.
      • Precautions to avoid bees becoming a nuisance to neighbours (2 & 4 legged!)
      • Effects of Stings.
      • The preparation of sugar syrup & how (and when) to feed bees.
      • Hive Manipulation.
      • The dangers of robbing & how it can be avoided.
      • The reasons for and methods of uniting colonies.
      • The signs of a queen less colony & how to test for it.
      • The need for good apiary hygiene.
      • Swarm Control.
      • Hiving a swarm.
    • Diseases, Poisoning & Pests.
    • Manipulation of a Honeybee Colony.
    • Extracting Honey.

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