Useful Links and Resources for Beekeepers

DPIPWE bee page:

Other material from DPIPWE (with thanks to Karla Williams):

1. Biosecurity manual for growers on biosecurity threats and best practice:

Plant Health Australia developed the 60 page Biosecurity Manual for the Honey bee Industry to raise awareness of biosecurity threats to honey bees and provide practical advice for both commercial and hobby beekeepers on how to protect their honey bees from key established and exotic pests and diseases. The manual is available online using this link:

2. Online biosecurity training:

The main content from the grower manual was converted into an online training module providing free access to the awareness raising material. The Honey Bee Biosecurity module is available on PHA’s website:

3. There are some GIS (Geospatial Information System) programs for beekeepers who are inclined to play with mapping programs. Here are links to some:

From Apimondia research:

And an interesting (?) read for those who like computer based modelling and research:

4. Various:

Wasp management:  European wasp management

Notifiable Animal diseases:  Notifiable Animal Diseases- Bees

Small Hive Beetle:  Small-hive-beetle-FS

Tracheal Mite:  Tracheal-mite-FS

Varroa Mites: Varroa-mites-FS

5. Swarm Sensing Project:     The CSIRO Swarm Sensing project is one of the finalists of the The Australian Innovation Challenge.
The decision will also be made on votes from the public. You can vote for ‘Swarm Sensing’ (and ask your friends to do the same!) on the link below:…