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Honey Extraction Kits

Honey Extraction Kits – for loan to SBA members:

The kits comprise:
*   Electric knife, with stand
*   Extractor
*   Two semi-circular Perspex lids for the extractor – these are easily damaged – best wrapped in bubble-wrap when not in use
*   Legs for raising the extractor to a convenient height if required *
*   Wax bucket
*   50kg settling tank with strainer

Terms: Available for loan to SBA members – deposit required but otherwise free of charge. A $50 deposit is required for the kits with manual extractors, and $100 deposit for the kits with electric extractors; these deposits are refundable if the kits are returned in clean, undamaged working order.

As at 12th December 2017:    5 kits are available:

Kit No 1. Includes a manual extractor. Managed by Debra Quartararo, Firthside, 0439 396 061
Kit No 2. Includes a manual extractor. Managed by Claire Martindill, Acton Park, 0437 651 171
Kit No 3. Includes an electric extractor. Managed by Roger Walker, Bonnet Hill, 0415 609 212
Kit No 4. Includes an electric extractor. Managed by Andrew Edwards, Lindisfarne, 0439 403 536
Kit No 5. Includes a manual extractor. * no legs. Managed by Kathryn Kirk, Rosetta, 0437 962 898