Changes To Beekeeper Registration

Biosecurity Tasmania have announced a change to the cost and structure of Beekeeper registration from June 30th, in the lead up to an even bigger change, the reintroduction of compulsory registration.

In a letter distributed to previous registrants and to SBA members, Karla Williams of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Biosecurity Tasmania said that “Historically in Tasmania, compulsory registration was dropped during a period of deregulation. The Tasmanian Beekeepers Association (TBA) the worked to develop an Apiary Industry Disease Control Program (AIDCP) which was established in 2004 in conjunction with … DPIPWE. Under the program, voluntary registration was enabled, and has provided many benefits to the Tasmanian Industry since its establishment.”

At the 70th Annual Conference of the Tasmanian Beekeepers Association (TBA) it was determined that compulsory registration should be reinstated, however this change will need to be processed through government channels, for the moment it is “business as usual” whilst the proposal is developed by the AIDCP.

Alongside theses changes, the cost of disease testing at the Animal Health Laboratory included in registration fees has risen steeply, and until now has been buffered by the industry fund. Initially testing was at a heavily discounted cost of $6.60 each. An AFB spore count now costs $24.30.

Registration fees for 2015-2016 are:

Price Number of tests
0-5 hives $0 0
6-20 hives $25 1
21-50 hives $50 2
51-100 hives $100 4
101-200 hives $150 6
200+ hives $300 12