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Next meeting



This is a non-business meeting. It will consist of a Q&A,  technical session on Wax and Honey Preparation and supper.




               Technical Sessions for STBA monthly meetings in 2022


Date Proposed Technical Session Presenter B/NonB Supper
30th May


Preparing honey and wax / Q&A Panel Non business
27th June


Marketing Business
25th July Nil  (AGM)
29th August


Spring management/ Swarm control Non business
26th September


Queen rearing / Q&A Business
31st October


Diseases / Q&A Non business
28th November


Summer management / Q&A Business All bring a plate –

honey based

December            No meeting


This calendar will be published in Bee News and the website.







Annual Field Day 7th Nov 2021

Annual Field Day  7th November 2021 see attached flier FieldDay2021 Bee News notice Hosted by Roger and Robyn Walker,  1 Wootten Drive, Bonnet Hill    9.30 am – 3pm Roger has requested that any passengers or bee gear should be dropped off at the top of the drive before parking your car at the bottom of… Continue Reading

Queen cells arriving at Heritage Honey this week.

Queen cells arriving at Heritage Honey this week 1st Nov 2021. Dear Members QUEEN CELLS ARRIVING for STBA Monday November 1st From 12pm ESTIMATED HATCH DATE Tuesday PM Wednesday AM PRICE TRANSPORT BASIC CARE 1st t Prepare a strong Nuc the day before collection (if unsure do some Nuc research, ask a mentor) 2nd Prepare… Continue Reading

Register to collect Honey Samples for the Australian Honey Library project

REGISTER TO COLLECT HONEY SAMPLES FOR THE AUSTRALIAN HONEY LIBRARY PROJECT B-QUAL has commenced collecting honey samples for our Federal Government funded Australian Honey Library and Delivering QA honey traceability project.  We are now seeking registrations from B-QUAL members and the general beekeeping industry to volunteer to supply samples of Australian Honey for database inclusion… Continue Reading

Junior Beekeeping

A Tasmanian Junior Beekeeping Group was established in 2017.  It didn’t take long for it to start thriving, thanks to energetic volunteers – they have even harvested honey from their hives.   The group generally meets near Richmond, and welcomes 7 to 17 year olds who are curious about the delights of bees and beekeeping.… Continue Reading

Show Us Your Bees!

From the ABC about its collaborative project between ABC Organic Gardner magazine and ABC Books: With bees in decline all over the world, we want to celebrate Aussie backyard beekeepers. That is why we are so excited to launch a call out to find true stories and photos from beekeepers of all kinds and from… Continue Reading

Not quite medicinal honey

A hospital in Wales had a sticky situation on their hands with two colonies in the walls, so they called in the Tree Bee Society to remove them. Continue Reading

Feel like your bees understand you? New research suggests a reason

“The genetic pathway toward social behavior for honey bees and mammals is more similar than previously thought, according to a new study published in PLOS Computational Biology titled “Conservation in Mammals of Genes Associated with Aggression-Related Behavioral Phenotypes in Honey Bees.” Social animals have complex lives, where development and survival are dependent on social interaction. Many animals including humans,… Continue Reading