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Access To Leatherwood

The following article has been written in response to many enquiries that have been received from relatively new beekeepers about how to access leatherwood.  It describes the current situation in southern Tasmania. Public or private land:  There are a few private landholdings within bees’ flying distance of stands of leatherwood trees, but these are generally… Continue Reading

Southern Tasmanian Standard Hive Design

This standard has been developed in response to the plethora of different Langstroth beehive parts in use in Tasmania all claiming to be ‘standard’ but often proving to have compatibility problems one with another. Manufacturers adopting this standard must acknowledge the source and may specify “Manufactured to the Southern Tasmanian Standard” or “Complies with the… Continue Reading

Mead with a health boost!

Lund University researchers Alejandra Vasquez and Tobias Olofsson have previously shown in lab experiments that 13 lactic acid bacteria found in the stomach of bees counteract antibiotic-resistant MSRA. Now, the two researchers have launched a mead drink made from honey and water, containing those same bacteria: Honey Hunter’s Elixir. Continue Reading

How Bees Vaccinate Their Young

When it comes to vaccinating their babies, bees don’t have a choice—they naturally immunize their offspring against specific diseases found in their environments. And now for the first time, scientists have discovered how they do it. Read more at:   Continue Reading

Hobart City Council Changing By-Laws On Beekeeping

Southern Beekeepers Association have been working on a Code Of Practice for Urban Beekeeping for some time, and recently approached Hobart City Council to discuss altering the current highly restrictive regulations: no more than two hives without the General Manager’s approval, all hives a minimum of fifty metres from the nearest residence. Technically, the fifty metre… Continue Reading

Changes To Beekeeper Registration

Biosecurity Tasmania have announced a change to the cost and structure of Beekeeper registration from June 30th, in the lead up to an even bigger change, the reintroduction of compulsory registration. In a letter distributed to previous registrants and to SBA members, Karla Williams of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) Biosecurity Tasmania… Continue Reading