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QLD beekeepers use satellite tracking for security

Along with the weather, the threat of pesticides and vandals, hive theft is yet another challenge beekeepers face.

Central Queensland commercial beekeeper Paul Marsh, who is frustrated with thieves, has resorted to modern technology to arrest the problem.

“The first time hives got stolen it was pretty emotional and the last few I just got angry at the thought of someone helping themselves and frustrated that people are still doing this,” he said.

Video and article on ABC Rural

Honey Extraction Kits

Honey Extraction Kits – for loan to SBA members: The kits comprise: *   Electric knife, with stand *   Extractor *   Two semi-circular Perspex lids for the extractor – these are easily damaged – best wrapped in bubble-wrap when not in use *   Legs for raising the extractor to a convenient height… Continue Reading

Sad news from the Northern Territory

A Top End beekeeper says hundreds of thousands of his bees in 120 hives have died after being poisoned with the loss costing him up to $70,000. The hives were 15 kilometres to the west of Katherine, and were believed to have been sprayed with an insecticide on Sunday or Monday. Nathan Woods has notified… Continue Reading

Not quite medicinal honey

A hospital in Wales had a sticky situation on their hands with two colonies in the walls, so they called in the Tree Bee Society to remove them. Continue Reading

Feel like your bees understand you? New research suggests a reason

“The genetic pathway toward social behavior for honey bees and mammals is more similar than previously thought, according to a new study published in PLOS Computational Biology titled “Conservation in Mammals of Genes Associated with Aggression-Related Behavioral Phenotypes in Honey Bees.” Social animals have complex lives, where development and survival are dependent on social interaction. Many animals including humans,… Continue Reading

Myrtle Rust Biosecurity Advisory

Myrtle Rust vigilance needed over summer Biosecurity Advisory 29/2015 Tasmanians are urged to lookout for signs of myrtle rust to ensure any new detections of the fungal disease can be dealt with swiftly and effectively. Warm summer temperatures and humid conditions create an ideal environment for myrtle rust. As at 10 December 2015 there is… Continue Reading

Does Royal Jelly Make a Queen Bee?

According to new research, Royal Jelly Isn’t What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee. Rather it is the absence of substances found in bee bread which triggers the development of ovaries. Some interesting implications to the supposed benefits of eating Royal Jelly can be drawn from this. Continue Reading

Forestry Tasmania notice of chemical use

Forestry Tasmania have sent out notice to stakeholders of their intention to use pesticides and herbicides in areas which may be hosting bee hives for leatherwood. “Dear Stakeholder, As some of you may have already seen, Forestry Tasmania published public notices in all of the major newspapers on the weekend to advise our stakeholders of… Continue Reading

Global Initiative for Honeybee Health Launched

CSIRO have announced a program to improve our understanding of the behaviour of honeybees. The Global Initiative for Honeybee Health is “an international collaboration of researchers, beekeepers, farmers, industry and technology companies set up to research the threats to bee health in order to better understand bee colony collapse and find solutions that will help secure crop pollination.”… Continue Reading