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Our Story

The Southern Tasmanian Beekeepers Association formed in 1958 as a membership based organisation.   We offer training and support to beekeepers at every stage of their beekeeping journey and we welcome members interested in exploring all forms of beekeeping.  We have a long history of bee custodianship and education.


Meet The Executive Team


Jenni McLeod - Executive member


Graduate Diploma Outdoor Ed 

B Soc Sci

Ashby Newman

Executive member - bio required

Jenni started beekeeping over 20 years ago in Tasmania's SW wilderness. A community builder, Jenni is passionate about unlocking capacity and has spent decades working with marginalised communities developing strategies and programs to make the invisible, visible.


Jenni is founder of the Bee Collective and Bee Queens, increasing women's participation in beekeeping. Jenni led out two Beekeeping World Records in 2023 and currently has a beekeeping book in publication. 


With 10 years experience working as an on ground political staffer and as a Board Director with AusCycling, Jenni brings a strong governance focus to the STBA with the aim of positioning the organisation for the future.


Jenni currently keeps 40 hives and lives her values through her work.

Bob Newton

Executive member - bio required

Our Clients

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